First question to you - Would you help us to translate? 

We like to work with archers from the countries - as default translators are poor at translating archery terms. 

So kindly write to that you want to help us with translation.

We will add the translator flag to your account and also grant you the Premium subscription for free.

In your account menu you will find a new entry "Translations"

We have our own page for the app translation:

As soon as you change a translation the field gets yellow.
Press "Enter" to save it and the box gets green after it was saved.

Finally you write us that you are finished with the translation and we will generate a Beta Build that you can review your translation. We will make some builds until you are satisfied with the result


A big thank you for your tranlation help to following user:

  • Katka Poprachova- Czech
  • Vadim Kovyrov - Russian
  • Antonio Linares - Spanish
  • Luca - Italian
  • Frank Larsen - Danish